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Chi Energetics For Golf

When the body and mind come together, chi will flow as never before.

Introduction to Chi-Energetics
18 easy to learn moves based on the principles of T’ai Chi. Each move is broken down into simple segments, so you can learn step-by-step. When you blend the steps into one smooth fluid motion, you’ll feel the chi begin to flow.
The Chi-Energetics Workout
Balance, Coordination, articulation of movement, strength and cardio-vascular stamina will be enhanced in a gentle way.  One of the wonderful aspects of this system is that it stimulates not just the physical body, but will increase your ability in memory, concentration, focus and meditation as well.

The Chi-Energetics for Golf
In T’ai Chi we are taught to think of our weapon (like the T’ai Chi sword) as an extension of our arm. In this case, it is the same thing with a golf club. When you transfer that internal energy flow, known as chi, into an inanimate object (the club), your power will be increased dramatically.
“If you want to hit the ball 20 yards farther, you don’t do it by hitting the ball harder, you do it through relaxation and fluidity.”

Charles Holman, Lic.Ac. – Practioner, Instructor